What Drives Us

Art can embolden, elevate and enliven a space. The right piece can transform a room from simple to inspired. At Warden Art Agency, we work with Austin-based artists, designers and individual collectors to connect design vision with a finely curated collection of local artwork. We leverage our network to unearth unique pieces that accentuate client designs.




We respect and believe in the artist’s process and understand that artists thrive on creating and inspiring.  Exposure is often the greatest challenge facing our local artist base. Working in tandem with designers, we showcase your talents to make your work visible, available and accessible.


Warden Art Agency is Austin’s modern art connection for designers looking to locate and acquire artwork. Our artist base of both leading and up-and-coming local artists allows you to unearth existing artwork or collaborate with an artist to create a customized commission piece for your space.


In addition to our work with artists and interior designers, we advise and represent individual clients in their search for original artwork.  Our services range from consultation to complete search and procurement on behalf of our clients.  These services are tailored to the unique needs of the collector.

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